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RI-PATHS participatory workshop at ALBA (2019)

Date(s) - 10/05/2019
All Day

Barcelona, Spain

Exploring impact-relevant interactions between RIs and users

Beyond their fundamental contribution by ‘being there’ as providers of theoretic knowledge, employers and buyers, many RIs consider it as a part of their core mission to offer specific services to a variety of external users. Beyond striving for excellent science, they seek to resolve problems articulated by economic and societal stakeholders in a targeted and coordinated manner. In the first round of RI-PATHS workshops, this aspect of science-society interaction was highlighted as potentially the most relevant by many participants. At the same time, there is an obvious lack of proven approaches to adequately account for such interactions. More precisely, capacities to leverage the accounting of the existing usage for the purpose of impact assessment needs to be further developed.

Accordingly, this workshop will seek to establish what information on the external usage of facilities is already available and how these datasets could be improved to better serve impact assessment purposes. Furthermore, the workshop will explore how to collect additional, relevant information from external sources.


ALBA workshop_final agenda


Accounting for RI-user interactions in practice_experience from ALBA_Mendoza

Case of user access at ELI_Weeks

State of play and advances in the RI-PATHS project_Griniece and Kroll


ALBA Synchrotron has blocked a limited number of bedrooms at the Exe Parc del Vallés Hotel for the night before the workshop (Thursday 09 May 2019). The cost is €72,60 per person per night (double room for individual use), and includes breakfast and VAT. This special rate does not apply for further nights.

Deadline to make the reservation: 08 April 2019.

NB: Participants need to make their own accommodation arrangements by contacting the venue: quoting ‘RI-PATHS’.

Participants are responsible for covering the cost of their stay.


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Words by Henning Kroll, 10th May 2019